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Rental information

514 873-1101, ext. 6055

Venue rental request

Admissibility requirements

BAnQ facilities are offered for rent to private companies, non-profit organizations and groups operating in the cultural, educational, library and information science, and community sectors. The purpose is to allow such groups to organize occasional meetings, conferences or other presentations at the Grande Bibliothèque or at the National Archives in Montréal.

Any event that is accepted must respect the rules about maintaining the peace at the Grande Bibliothèque or at the National Archives in Montréal.


N.B.: BAnQ does not accept requests to rent its facilities for events of a partisan or religious nature.

Rental process

The requester must provide all of the details on the venue rental request form [Word – 163 Ko] and send it to at least one week before the date of the event. Please note that any form that is not duly completed will be returned to the requester. The requester will receive a response within two business days.

Once a BAnQ venue rental request has been approved, the Lessee agrees to respect the regulations concerning the use of venues at the Grande Bibliothèque and at the National Archives in Montréal [PDF – 28 Ko].

Since BAnQ’s capacity is limited, BAnQ cannot accept all the eligible requests it receives.

Please address requests for additional information to:

La Direction du développement des affaires et de la commercialisation de
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec 
475, boulevard De Maisonneuve Est 
Montréal (Québec) H2L 5C4

Telephone: 514 873-1100, ext. 6055
Telephone (toll free): 1 800 363-9028 
Fax: 514 873-9312 

Payment terms

Venue rental payment is a two-step process.

1. The first amount to be paid out includes the full cost of renting one or several venues. This amount constitutes a deposit confirming the rental; it is due upon signing the contract.

2. After your event, an invoice will be emailed to you itemizing the remaining amounts owed. They essentially represent the cost of human resources assigned to your event, and, if applicable, adjustments made to reflect the actual period of use of the facilities.

Deposit refund policy in the event of cancellations

No refunds will be given within 30 days of the event.
BAnQ will return 75% of the deposit if the event is more than 30 days away.
No penalties will be charged if the event can be rescheduled within 60 days.

Accepted payment methods

In person: Visa, Mastercard, debit card or check.
By phone: Visa, Mastercard.
Through your bank branch: bank transfer. Please note that we do not accept digital payments through Interac e-Transfer.