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Terms of use

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec recognizes the importance of copyright and undertakes to fulfil its mission and duties in terms of the accessibility and dissemination of information in accordance with the various laws and its copyright policy.

All types of documents on this site, including texts and images in the digital collections, are protected by the Copyright Act (R.S. 1985, c. C-42).


Online publishing of BAnQ catalogue

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) holds all of the rights for disseminating all of the records contained in the Iris catalogue. You may consult them freely.

Moreover, BAnQ authorizes the reproduction, downloading, importing and inclusion in catalogues of all of the records, with the exception of those from Services documentaires multimédia for wich the cataloguing source is SDM.

In all cases and under all circumstances, selling the records taken from the Iris catalogue is prohibited.


TopUse of content from BAnQ's web portal

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) allows, without special authorization, use of content from its Web portal for educational, private study or research purposes, provided the source of the images and/or texts is clearly indicated.


TopUses requiring authorization

Any use other than those mentioned in the preceding section, particularly for commercial purposes, in any form whatsoever, requires prior authorization from BAnQ and, where applicable, from the assignees when BAnQ is not the copyright owner.

To submit a request for authorization, please write to BAnQ's remote reference service. The request must be accompanied by written authorizations obtained from the assignees, where applicable.

The request must include the following elements:

  • full contact information for the applicant (family name, given name and title of applicant; name, address and telephone number of organization);
  • full references for the images and/or texts concerned (title, collection, identification number or call number, date);
  • a statement of the intended use of the images and/or texts (publication in a book, pamphlet, magazine or newspaper; use in an exhibition, on a website, in a film, and so on);
  • a detailed description of the project (title, name of publisher or producer, date of publication or dissemination, print run, address of website, and so on).


Barring exceptions, requests are processed in 15 working days.

For further information, please contact BAnQ's remote reference service.


TopUser responsibilities

BAnQ does not express views as to determining whether the copyright in a work subsists or has expired. BAnQ does not perform searches to determine the identity or year of death of the copyright owner or owners. The user is fully responsible for such matters and must allow for the time needed to obtain the written authorizations of the assignees, where applicable. Useful information on copyright will be found on the Web portals of the Copyright Board of Canada and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

The user must make sure that the use of a work is in accordance with the law. BAnQ does not provide legal opinions or interpret the Copyright Act or any other legislation for its users.

Barring exceptions, BAnQ is not the owner of the copyright in the works disseminated on its Web portal and, accordingly, is not empowered to authorize its users to use a work otherwise than for educational, private study or research purposes.

BAnQ holds the copyright in most of its archival fonds. For any use other than for educational, private study or research purposes, the user must submit a written request for authorization to the remote reference service.