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Page d'accueil du catalogue.

How do I access my account?

Click on the Icône représentant le profil d'une personne. icon in the top-right corner, then enter your client number and password.

How do I view my currently borrowed materials and renew them?

Access your account and choose the Borrowed and renewed items option.

Menu contenant les éléments Mon dossier, Emprunts et renouvellements (encadré), Réservations, Frais au dossier, Messages, Historique des emprunts, Historique de recherche, Mes listes et Déconnexion.

How do I view my borrowing history?

Materials you’ve borrowed over the last five years are recorded in your online account, in the ‟Borrowing history’’ section.

What's in the catalogue's homepage carousel?

The carousel lets you rapidly access the New releases available at the Grande Bibliothèque.

Scroll though the carousel to choose a category (1). Click on the name of a category (2) or a sub-category (3) to see the new releases it displays.

Carrousels de nouveautés. La flèche vers la droite est encadrée et porte le numéro 1. Le mot Romans porte le numéro 2 et Romans historiques, le 3.

How do I use Quick search?

The search box, displayed above the new releases on the homepage, is also displayed in all the other pages, in the top-right corner.

Boîte de recherche. Au-dessus il est écrit: Chercher dans le catalogue. Dans la boîte de saisie: Saisissez les termes de votre recherche.

Bandeau apparaissant dans le haut du catalogue. La boîte de recherche, à droite dans le bandeau, est encadrée.

1. You can limit your search to specific types of materials in the drop-down menu.

Boîte de recherche. La limite Tout, dans un menu déroulant, est encadrée.

2. Enter your search terms, and click on the magnifying glass.

3. To edit your search terms, click in the search box again.

How do I refine my search results?

If the number of results obtained seem too high, use the filters in the right-hand column to narrow your search. If you're using a computer or a tablet, press on Outils. to display the filters. If you're using a cell phone, press on Icône d'un triangle inversé..

Select a criteria to obtain only the corresponding results.

Langues: Français (487), Anglais (149), Allemand (1), Espagnol (1). Le curseur est sur Français.

If you're using a computer, you can also exclude a criteria by clicking on the Cercle avec le symbole moins en son centre. symbol to remove the corresponding items from the results lists.

Langues: Français (487), Anglais (149), Allemand (1), Espagnol (1). Le curseur est le symbole moins dans un cercle à côté de Allemand.

The filters that you have selected are displayed above. You can remove them at any time.

Recherche en cours: Langue Français, Sauf Langue Allemand. Le x à côté de Allemand est encadré.

How do I modify the display mode of the search results?

By default, results appear as a list on computers, and in a mosaic display on tablets and cell phones. You can modify the display using the Moisaïque. and Liste. buttons on your computer, and the Icône d'un triangle inversé. button on other devices.

How do I modify the sort mode of the search results?

Search results can be sorted by relevance, author, title or year. On a computer, the Flèche vers le haut et flèche vers le bas. icon modifies the sort mode. On a tablet or a cell phone, use Tools (Icône d'un triangle inversé.).

Ho do I print an entry or a list of results?

To print a list of results on a computer, click on the Imprimer. button in the top right corner. To print a single entry, click on its Print icon.

Notice du livre La femme qui fuit. Le bouton Imprimer est encadré.

Ho do I share or export an entry or a list of results?

The Symbole du partage. icon lets you

  • copy a permalink for the entry or the list of results;
  • send the entry or the list of results by email;
  • export the entry or the list of results in various formats, including DOCX, HTML and PDF.


How many entries at a time can I print, export or send by email?

If you haven't logged in: 20

If you have logged in: 100

How can I view more information on an item I'm interested in?

For more information on an item, for instance on its availability or its location, click on its title or on the image in the results list.

How do I place an item on hold?

You can only place a hold on items with no available copies. Log in and, in the entry (the item's descriptive record), click on the Place a hold icon in the Find it tab. Please note that the icon will only appear if no copies are available, unless the item is only available for on-site reference use.

Onglet Où trouver d'une notice. L'icône Réserver est encadrée.

How do I return to the results list?

In the entry (the item's descriptive record), click on the Flèche vers la gauche. arrow in the upper left corner to return to the results list. You'll be automatically returned to the position of the item you were viewing.

How do the lists work?

Each entry (the item's descriptive record) can be saved in a list.

You must absolutely log in (using the Icône représentant le profil d'une personne.) pictogram) for the content of your lists to be saved and usable from one session to the next.

There are two ways to save items.

  1. You can place an item in a list named Favourites by clicking on the Dessin d'un coeur avec le mot Favoris. icon.
  2. Or click on Add Icône représentant une liste avec le symbole plus. Mot Ajouter. to link the item to one of your preexisting lists or to a new one that you will name as you please.

Créer une liste, Favoris, J'ai lu, vu ou écouté, À lire, voir ou écouter.

To view your lists, access your account, then select My lists.

You can print, share or delete a list, or delete elements of it.

Are the same functionalities available on every type of device?



Tablet computer

Smart phone

Access complete subscriber's account










Edit results display mode




Edit sort mode




Pay fines and fees




Share (permalink, send by email or export)




Alphabetical search




Advanced search



Exclude a filter element


1 Available in the Tools menu Outils.

2 Available in the ‟inverted triangleˮ button Icône d'un triangle inversé.

Log out

When you are finished using the catalogue, don't forget to log out, especially if you were using a public-access computer.

Menu contenant les éléments Mon dossier, Emprunts et renouvellements, Réservations, Frais au dossier, Messages, Historique des emprunts, Historique de recherche, Mes listes et Déconnexion (encadré).

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