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Subscription to BAnQ's Infolettre

Our monthly information bulletin will give you an overview of the institution's cultural activities, resources and services.
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Subscription to the Service québécois du livre adapté (SQLA)

All Quebecers with perceptual disabilities can subscribe to the Service québécois du livre adapté at no cost.
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Reserve your place for an autonomous visit to the Grande Bibliothèque or take part in an educational activity with your group.
» Group visits to the Grande Bibliothèque (14 years or over) (In French only)

» Educational activities at the Espace Jeunes of the Grande Bibliothèque (In French only)


Study carrels

Study carrels are available for university research projects or writing publications. The use of these carrels is intended to highlight BAnQ's collections.
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Cataloging in publication (CIP)

Offered to Canadian publishers, the cataloging in publication programme serves to ensure rapid widespread availability of bibliographic data to bookstores and libraries.
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Legal deposit

All of the forms publishers need for legal deposit can be found online.
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Become a Friend of BAnQ

Any individual, in Québec or elsewhere, and any organization can become a Friend of BAnQ (Amis de BAnQ), in exchange for an annual contribution.
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Canadian French-language publishers wishing to obtain ISBN (international standard book number) numbers should submit their applications to BAnQ.
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You can receive your password by email.
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Interlibrary loans

With the interlibrary loan (ILL) service, BAnQ subscribers can obtain materials from other libraries.
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BAnQ loans most of the materials in its collections to other libraries for the benefit of their patrons.
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Programme for the acquisition of art bindings

» Registration for the art bindings acquisition programme (In French only)


Research support programme

» Doctoral Awards

» Master's Awards

» Research award for projects pertaining to library and archival science

» L'Institut Canadien de Québec research award

» Research visit awards for researchers from outside of Québec

» Travel awards for researchers from Québec


Reference service by appointment

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Venue rental service

Do you want to rent the Auditorium or a conference room at the Grande Bibliothèque, or the Auditorium or Atrium at BAnQ Vieux-Montréal?
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Reproduction services – Heritage collections

» Printing and reproduction services

» Ordering audio reproductions from the national music collection (vinyls, CDs, tapes)


Specialized records management services

» Forms for planning, updating and submitting retention schedules for public bodies

» Forms for transferring archives for government departments and agencies and courts with provincial jurisdiction


Your questions and comments

Do you need help to find library materials or information? Don't hesitate to contact BAnQ's reference personnel.
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