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Palmarès reconstitués de la chanson au Québec

(List of Québec song hit lists)

This database includes three hit lists for Québec songs disseminated since 1949:

  1. Songs in French;
  2. Songs in English and other languages;
  3. Album sales.

This resource can be used to identify the most popular song(s) on a specific date, such as your birthday, for example, to determine the 25 greatest hits in a given year or explore a performer's tunes and their position in the hit list.

Produced by Michel Gignac, this database includes a compilation des of hits in alphabetical orders, based on the performer's name, the titles that placed first in the hit lists in chronological order and alphabetical order, was well as the titles that were on the hit lists for the longest period of time in chronological order.

Resource and interface in French.


Other databases

The digital collection also includes specialized databases that explore certain particularities of Québec music.