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Created by the merger of the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec with the Grande bibliothèque du Québec (2002), and then with the Archives nationales du Québec (2006), Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) has as its mission to acquire, preserve and disseminate publications, archival materials and films constituting Québec and Québec-related heritage.

Mission to preserve and disseminate our heritage

It is the mission of BAnQ to collect, preserve on a permanent basis and disseminate:

  • The published heritage of Québec and all materials related to this heritage and of cultural interest
  • All materials related to Québec published outside Québec.

Mission to disseminate and promote knowledge

It is also the mission of BAnQ to provide democratic access to the published heritage constituted by its collections, to culture and to universal knowledge.

It acts as a catalyst to the documentary institutions of Québec, and thus contributes to the fulfillment of the general public.

More specifically, BAnQ has the following objectives:

  • Give value to reading, research and the enrichment of knowledge
  • Promote Québec publishing
  • Facilitate continuing independent learning
  • Foster the integration of newcomers to Québec
  • Strengthen cooperation and dialogue among libraries
  • Promote Québec's participation in developing the virtual library

Mission related to archives

In relation to archives, BAnQ's mission is:

  • To oversee, support and advise public organizations in matters related to the management of their materials
  • To ensure the preservation of public archives, to ease access to them and promote their dissemination
  • To promote the preservation and accessibility of private archives

To this end, BAnQ exercises the remit attributed to it in the Archives Act.

The institution also offers research support and helps in the development and international promotion of Québec's expertise and published heritage.